CH Uwharrie Triple Play


New Champion Photo CH Uwharrie Triple Play expertly handle by Jamie Clute

Name:  Uwharrie Triple Play     Call Name:  Gibbs

Pedigree:  GCH Uwharrie Party All The Time x Uwharrie Grand Slam

OFA - Too Young     CERF - Clear 

Gibby is our resident miracle child—born to Martina (Uwharrie Grand Slam) and Logan GCH Uwharrie Party All the Time he made quite an entrance into the world. Martina had labored late evening and into the early hours with no pup to show for all the panting she did and all the worrying I was doing, so just as soon as Dr. Sam Griffin was in the clinic we took off to get some help.

The Road to the clinic was under construction and as I impatiently waited to turn right knowing I had to go up and around just to come back down the other side of the highway—I saw the dirt path the highway workers had been using, it would knock at least five minutes off my trip—without another thought I bounded over in the faithful Ford van only to see a NC Highway Patrol car.  My only thought was I’ll sign the ticker once Martina is safely inside the Vets.  Sure enough I saw the brake lights on the Patrol car light up, but wait he went on after I stopped at the clinic!!!  NO TICKET!!!

This was sign #1…once inside Dr. Sam was ready, he tried to get that pretty blue foot but it kept slipping away just at the last second…C section was what I heard.  Luckily before you know it two pups were out, one black one blue...the one in canal was ALIVE—sign #2.  We worked diligently on both pups to revive them, but sadly the black boy did not survive.  The blue boy was marked perfectly for me…I had always wanted a blue boy for a very long time and so far not had one born that measured up.

I am not one to keep a boy so initially I was disappointed there were no girls, but pleased that the boy was strong he was sure to make someone a pretty pet.  As Gibby grew it was apparent early on he was special—always happy, always wiggling his body from front to back, just so happy with life and not to mention he had a beautiful front and rear.   I had to finally had to concede that he was meant to stay…and as our first grandchild, off he went to Melissa and Mikes house for camp!

He is still the happiest, “Gee what fun are we going to have today” dog I have ever known!