CH Snowbelt Copy That!


Name:  CH Snowbelt Copy That!     Call Name:  Jackson

Pedigree:  GCH Briarbrook's Copyright x CH Fiann Wind Chimes

OFA - Good     CERF - Clear

AKC Registered / AKC DNA Verified 


Jackson is the wonderful CH Snowbelt Copy That! He is the 2013 USASA National Specialty Winners Dog! It was quite an honor for such a truly sweet happy, goofy boy.  Jackson is a stallion of a dog, gorgeous boy with wonderful spring of rib and the most mind blowing side gait—more dog than this 5’3 woman could show and that’s how the story of the National starts.

Jackson came to me as a replacement pup some 4 years after a gorgeous girl pup just didn’t turn out. Patti Herhold of Snowbelt sent him on to me by way of Heather Moyer's daughter. I wasn’t sure how a boy was going to work, but I knew things happen for a reason…boy what I didn’t know.  Jackson took some time to grow up, but once in the ring I garnered two majors back to back and then we stalled.

My mothers health had been declining but things took a turn for the worse and Jackson just kept getting pushed back…by now he was 3 ½ and gorgeous, but I found it increasing difficult to get him shown not to mention that huge side gait it was just all I could do to attempt to keep up...

The year before I had thought to ask local handler and herding group extraordinaire Jamie Clute to show him. As luck would have it there were judges I felt would be good for him in Raleigh.  The Raleigh circuit is a known handler circuit so I called Jamie and it was set up.In less than 48 hours Jamie and Jack had bonded! The first day Jackson was Winners Dog, best of Winners and Best of Breed for 4 points! Jackson was also a Herding Group 3! I was astounded my dog never looked so good!  Jamie with those long legs and way with a dog had transformed a good dog into what was hidden by my short legs - a great dog with a huge side gait! 

Sunday we were Winners Dog again and then I was asked could Jamie take him to Nationals he knew this dog could win! When one of the best handlers in the country is this confident what do you do?  Off my boy went he never looked back at me he was having the time of his life! 

In six weeks Jamie trained and conditioned Jackson to the point when I saw him show I was sooo proud of Jackson and of Jamie—they looked like the winners from the moment they stepped into the ring…I can still remember the awe for me to see my dog looking so polished so ready…it was the most memorable show of my life! While he is an awesome show dog, Jackson is the most solid bombproof dog ever.  He approaches all things in life with gusto and “I got this attitude”.  

Jackson is truly a remarkable companion and has major pointed get and pups with obedience titles.  He is proving to be an outstanding sire and I look forward to seeing what else we try. Herding has been done and we will continue to work on titles, he loves and so do I! Rally is just starting and he is doing well with it…he is such a joy and I am seeing his children with the same does not get better than this!